Limited edition cabana sets for men and boys. Unique aloha styles for women and girls. Mod accessories for the home. Handmade with love in San Diego.

Vivian Vigil discovered the world of mixed media in 2009. From that moment on, she immersed herself in drawing, painting and collage. She is mostly self taught. Her work is whimsical, colorful with a dash of melancholy. She is currently exploring the possibilities of digital art and pushing her work in a new direction.

Sean Hemak has worked with some of the world’s most highly recognized companies such as The New York Times, Disney, Intel, Coca-Cola and many others. 

As an Illustrator he is known for his 1960’s-ish weirdo art that showcases an aesthetic of creepy images with clean lines.

As a Director and Designer, he has created imagery seen around the globe. 

He currently resides in La Mesa, California.

IIIIn West Indianapolis BORN AND RAISED...on the playground is where I spent most of my DAYS!.. Oh wait...That's Fresh Prince's Life.


Nick Price was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. Graduated Indiana State University with a B.S. in Graphic Design and Art History in 2004. After graduation he spent the next 2 years in Denver, Colorado working at an illustrator and tattoo designer. After a new opportunity brought him back to Indianapolis, he spent the next 4 years honing his creative skills and dabbling in leather work and fashion design.


One summer afternoon in 2011 he re-met an old crush from high school and loooooooooong story short, moved to Chicago, Illinois and married that beautiful woman in 2013. Nick and his wife has since moved to breathtakingly sunny San Diego to escape the exhausting weather of the midwest. They welcomed two amazing 8 month old twins (one boy and one girl) in November of 2019. While living a much less stressed life away from the hustle and bustle of Chicago, Nick has focused mainly on custom art pieces. Additionally, Nick has created the company Pop Americana to fill the ever endless need to continually create something new and authentic.  His more popular pieces under the Pop Americana line have been recently available as prints on Etsy.  Pop Americana has no boundaries on style, though you'll currently see more western themed prints. It's a new movement called 'Western Pop'.  It's becoming all the rage. 

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For the love of Mermaids and Monsters - Sweet Siren Designs is an LA based apparel & accessory company by Sara Yasmin. Handmade accessories, uniquely curated graphic tees for both men and women, clothing and some oddities. All hand screened and made in the USA.

With the art created by Sara and the different artists she works with, the brand maintains its authentic blend of nautical meets cult classics. Sweet Siren offers up a nice mash up of beautiful interests that unexpectedly compliment each other. You can find handmade jewelry that is antiqued, laser cut, hand painted, embellished and created with love for the unique customer. Along with jewelry there is a landscape of clothing from women’s skirts, dresses and tops; and Men’s button up shirts and tees to match. It's the perfect blend of nautical meets horror meets vintage inspired with a tiki twist.

Devon Devereaux is a San Diego based artist. His art shows a love of old monster movies, tiki and retro culture. He is currently making paintings, glassware, tiki mugs and comic books.



From the depths of the back of a deli in the furthest reaches of hell he was sent back to Earth....

Doctor Mutant is back to peddle the cursed art of some demon dude named Dave. The doctor will have original works made with radioactive demon vomit and some other crap. Oh there will be prints of digital works too! And more goodies!...

I mean baddies!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA"

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Moore Monsters is the creation of Jim Moore, a San Diego area-based artist. I started this formally in 2012 following a 15 year stint making masks etc. for a Halloween company. I am a life-long monster fan and I just really enjoy sculpting and producing monsters and alien creatures. Most of my pieces are inspired by classic movie monsters. I started specializing in ceramics when I recognized that there was a glut in latex monster production. I produce every aspect of my line, and it has met with a good degree of success, thanks to on-line exposure and Etsy. I hope to continue to make ceramic monsters as long as I am able.


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Gonesville, the art of REESENIK (aka Matt Reese) is a fixture from many scenes and subcultures. From painting leather jackets and drawing punk flyers in the 80’s, selling art at the tattoo conventions of the early 90’s to today where he creates Tiki/Horror/Beatnik inspired paintings, shirts, stage sets and ceramics. Currently he has begun creating a line of replica human trophy skulls. Occasionally visited by his counterpart Gonesville Gorilla, REESENIK can be found causing a ruckus at an art event near you.


BigToe, aka artist Tom Laura, creates West Coast “pop surrealist” art with a casual, tongue-in-cheek sense of humor and playful eroticism that offers a nostalgic escape in our fast-paced and ever-changing world. BigToe’s art is inspired by the confluence of Tiki, Kustom Kulture and Surf cultures. The fusion of these seemingly disparate lifestyles has always been an obvious one to the artist: All 3 are outsider ways of life. The last vestiges of wild
west renegades.

BigToe's artwork lives in collections all over the world with collectors as varied as Sex Pistol Steve Jones, Blondies Debbie Harry and Google’s Googleplex corporate offices. The art of BigToe has been exhibited at Art Galleries worldwide including La Luz de Jesus and Copro Nason in Los Angeles, as well as in galleries across the US and around the world.

BigToe's first decade of artwork is featured in the Book Gratisfaction: The Inspirational art of BigToe, and has been featured in several themed art survey books such as Last Gasp’s “The Art of Tiki”, Korero Publishing's “Kustom Graphics” and Rob Havassey’s “Surf Story”, as well as in magazines such as Car Kulture Deluxe, Bachelor Pad, Tiki Magazine, Exotica Moderne and MAD magazine, as well as Several international Magazines.


Tee-Ki Togs made in California with the Aloha Tiki Spirit of the Islands. We make Tiki pendants, earrings, pins and hair flowers. Currently we are in the process of making women's sun hats, dress's and jackets with a vintage vibe from when life was more colorful and fun flowed freely. All items designed and manufactured in California!

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Forest Phantom Art was created by Bianca Martinez, specializing in traditional artwork with dark, horror themes. Forest Phantom Art was created for those who find beauty in the darkest of spaces, for those who are home amongst the graves under a full moon, and who appreciate the magic of entropy. Pen, paint, pencil, etc. with some digital art, turn to Forest Phantom Art for all your creative needs.​